File rhel-7.tmpl of Package warewulf-vnfs-gnu12-openmpi4

#DESC: A clone of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7

# The general RHEL include has all of the necessary functions, but requires
# some basic variables specific to each chroot type to be defined.
. include-rhel

# Define the location of the yum repository

# Install only what is necessary/specific for this distribution
PKGLIST="basesystem bash chkconfig coreutils e2fsprogs ethtool
    filesystem findutils gawk grep initscripts iproute iputils
    net-tools nfs-utils pam psmisc rdate rsync sed setup
    shadow-utils rsyslog tcp_wrappers tzdata util-linux words
    zlib tar less gzip which util-linux openssh-clients 
    openssh-server dhclient pciutils vim-minimal shadow-utils
    strace cronie crontabs cpio wget redhat-release"

# vim:filetype=sh:syntax=sh:expandtab:ts=4:sw=4: